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Brian Horner

Brian Horner :Singer

Born in Dunfermline, Scotland in 1951 I became a late starter in music. I was 25.

It all began in 1976 when I started to drive a musician to his gigs, he also happened to be a very dear and close friend of mine we called him Big Hank [Deceased]. He used to get me up for a song or two some nights and it was his suggestion that I go into so called show business for myself, we now know who to blame L.O.L.


My so called career started in a little duo called "The Symbolics" no explanation given, we changed that name to "Just Us" That duo lasted about 12 months and we expanded into a 4 piece band called "Cab-A-Ray" we were a covers/comedy band.

We were sometimes billed as the second "Clubsound" I termed us the poor man's Clubsound. I enjoyed playing in this band and was there for about 7 years, the comedy was great craic. No need to ask who the idiot was.

I moved on from there and was invited to join a band called the "Strangers" we didn't stay together too long much to my dismay, but the drummer and myself formed a 3 piece 60's covers band called "Heartbeat" we had many good years together and I truly believed we were the best 60's cover band as a 3 piece, we were resident in the Europa Hotel in Belfast on a Friday night.

We went our seperate ways around 2001, so I decided to take a break from playing until an old musician friend of mine returned from living and playing in Spain. After several attempts he managed to coax me out of retirement and join him in a duo called "MonTanA" we had a lot of great times and laughs doing the country/line dance venues travelling as far as the  South of Ireland, Scotland, England and Spain. Albeit Chris and I have now gone our separate ways.


My only regret is being offered a gig in the infamous "Cavern" in Liverpool and not being able to do it, that opportunity will never come around again.

Since then I have spent my time as a solo act playing all types of venues and covering all types of music from the fabulous 60's through old time and line dance although 60's is my preference. 

During my so called showbiz' career I have been very fortunate to have worked with a lot of my Idols from the Sixties either as a support act or in some other very small way. See 'My Thanks Page' This is not meant as a name dropper but just a massive thanks of gratitude for the privilege and memories and friendship shown by them all.

In 1995 I received a phone call from a young lady by the name of Yvonne Guppy [ the late great Bobby Vee's press agent ] she explained that some of my songs I had written had made their way to Bobby and as he was coming to England on tour with, Brian Hyland, Chris Montez, Little Eva and Johnny Preston. He extended an invitation for me to come to Leeds to meet him. My wife Catherine and my then keyboard player Billy Irwin and his wife headed of to Leeds. Sadly Bobby has passed away and never recorded any of my songs but this is I suppose one of the biggest highlights of my career. Photographs in the photo album.



Please feel free to contact me with constructive comments if you have been to any of my gigs.







    "Jeez" That's side splittin' stuff and it just gets funnier..

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