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The Shadows "Nivram"

2 X RCF 312A 12" Active Speakers.
2 X Tascam MD350 Mini Disc Players.
2 X Tascam MD301 Mini Disc Players.
1 X Peavey PV14 Mixing Desk.
1 X Peavey PV10 Mixing Desk.
2 X Beyer M88  TG Microphones.
2 X Beyer M300 TG MIcrophone.
1 X Beyer V50D TG Microphone.
1 X Ibanez Performance Series Acoustic.
1 X Takamine EF360SC Acoustic.
1 X Freshman Solid Walnut Traveller Guitar.
1 X Takamine GX18CE-NS.

1 X Fender Scorpion Acoustic.
Various Lighting Effects.

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